"My background as a staff photographer for newspapers taught me to work fast in order to capture real moments." Freelance since 1993, Strong seeks out subjects whose lives he can document for personal projects as well as making photo essays for publications and wedding clients. Sensitivity developed while completing a Bachelor of Arts in Intercultural Studies from Biola University helps Strong overcome cultural differences at home as well as overseas. "People will often let me in during personal moments when important images can be made."

Recent stories include breaking news pictures on flooding in the Pacific Northwest, the legacy of an aging missionary couple in Trujillo, Peru, and a photo-essay on an orphanage in Central Asia. "Some of the work, like my time in the orphanage, tears out my heart. Even still, the work I do feeds my soul. "

"My father gave me a camera when I was in the eighth grade. It might have been an expensive paperweight but instead it became my constant companion."ecame my constant companion."