In 1843 would it be Portland or Boston?

…that was the question. Portland could have been named Boston, but as the story has it, the outcome of a coin toss between two traders decided the city's name fate. That coin tossed between William Overton and Amos Lovejoy has a permanent home at the Oregon History Center.

Oregon and Portland specifically, have always been a destination city for adventuresome people who are contemplating moving here. Two of the first traveler's with their tour group was the Lewis and Clark Expedition in 1805 (before Portland was even Portland.) From points east of Oregon they had followed the Columbia River west to go camping, fishing and site seeing on some of the most spectacular scenery imaginable. The Columbia River Gorge and Oregon's Pacific Coast still to this day boast some of the most extraordinary sites a visitor may ever see.

Portlanders LOVE Portland. There are not too many places where one can live that is 1 ½ hours to Olympic quality skiing (year around I might ad) in majestic mountains that visually take your breath away while gazing upon their magnificence. And then if that weren't enough, just 1 ½ hour drive to the west from Portland, you will find some of the most extraordinary land and sea vistas you could ever hope for. And then within 10 minutes of the center of Portland, you could find yourself walking or hiking through a 4,800 acre forested retreat, ever cooling on warm summer days. There is an abundance of fishing, camping, windsurfing, hiking, biking (a very bike friendly environment); just about anything-imaginable one would want to do for fun. Portland boasts the most public parks of any city Especially significant are the golfing with many top quality, nationally rated golf courses in the area.

Portland is home to world class art in many forms. The Symphony, Ballet, Shakespearean Theatre, Art Museums, some with exhibitions whose only stop on the West Coast is in Portland.

The economy in Portland, no longer just being supported by tourism and the forest industry, is home now to many high tech firms that have firmly settled in the area. Intel, Hewlett-Packard, Sequent, Tektronics. Lest we not forget the area is the World Headquarters for Nike with the other shoe companies of adidas America and Reebok having a strong presence here as well.

I was born and raised here in Portland, so I feel I know this city as well as anyone. I can't begin to do it justice with just the short space I have here. There are whole web sites devoted just to certain aspects of the city; some are listed at the end of this page.

Because I was born here and have spent all of my 55 years here, I have a knowledge and sense of what Portland is about, and how best to help you in your search for the best place for you to live. There are so many wonderful communities in and around Portland that I have intimate knowledge about. There are many very capable real estate agents here, but none that will work any harder at finding just that perfect place for you.